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This program provides an introduction to biathlon officiating (it replaces the Basic -Bronze Badge* program that had been in place for many years). This training program is offered in modular form on the internet. You may study each of the modules on your own time at your own pace. A multiple-choice test follows each module. To be licensed as a biathlon official, you must complete at least five of the eight study modules and achieve satisfactory performance during competition in each of the five areas. On successful completion of all eight modules and related competition experience, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to volunteer in any of the numerous, non-supervisory officiating positions at a biathlon competition.

*If you had previously earned an official’s Bronze Badge (Basic) or a more advanced level through the earlier program, you are still a certified official authorized to wear your badge and enroll in other advanced development programs. However, we recommend you review the new modules because they are a handy resource and an excellent refresher!

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