Biathlon-in-a-Box (current version 8.9.8) is an application that is designed to let you set up and administer a Biathlon event, from its conception through the creation and printing of the results.

Biathlon-in-a-Box, or BIAB for short, assists you throughout the event, providing guidance, tools and resources for the preparation activities that are necessary to have smooth-running competitions. It runs on both the Windows and the Macintosh operating systems. It can interface directly with electronic timing, target and competitor identification systems for the acquisition of timing and results data, or that data can be entered though the keyboard of the computer.

BIAB will allow you to conduct Biathlon events in summer, winter or any time of year. It permits great flexibility in defining the exact nature of any competition. It will allow you to match the Biathlon Canada and IBU rule books, or let you create variations upon the standard competitions, to suit your particular needs. Notwithstanding its flexibility, it produces results that fully meet the IBU requirements.  In addition, it was designed specifically for Biathlon, so you don’t have to find work-arounds or accept compromises, as you must do when you use a multi-discipline generic results system.  Although its user interface is in English, BIAB will produce results, lists, reports and forms in either French or English, at your request.

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BIAB can acquire data directly from the following electronic timing devices:

  • Summit Systems SRT 500,  SRT 1000, and now the new Zone4 SRT 2000 Timers
  • TAG Heuer CP 520 and CP 705
  • TimeTech USA Sprint 8
  • ALGE Timy and the ALGE TdC8001 and
  • if BIAB is used in conjunction with a network of Summit Timers, it will take data from
    • MyLaps (formerly AMB ChipX) Decoders and competitor identification transponders (chips)
    • Kurvinen KES Electronic Biathlon Targets
    • HoRa 2000E Electronic Biathlon Targets
  • Upon request, BIAB can probably be made to work with any electronic timer that has a built-in RS232 interface capability

BIAB is a stand-alone multi-platform database application. You don’t need any other software in order to run BIAB, unless you choose to run a small network of results computers.

BIAB uses relational database structures. This means that you only have to enter data once, even though it is used in many places in the application. If you edit data, any changes are automatically replicated wherever that data is used within the application. BIAB is not a spreadsheet environment, in which formulas can become damaged or columns of data inadvertently left out when re-sorting the data.
BIAB will work with the Zone4 On-Line Event Registration System.  

A demonstration version of BIAB is available for those who would like to try it.  The demonstration version does everything that the fully licensed version does except:

  • it automatically limits any competition to only 10 competitors
  • any functions specifically associated with team competitions (Relay or Patrol competitions) are not operable in the demonstration version
  • the BIAB Summit Network Simulator is not included with the demonstration version of BIAB

BIAB is a fully-licensed stand-alone downloadable computer application.  It was developed within FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced, and it has the following system requirements:

  • Windows 7 (SP1) Professional or Ultimate or later versions, running in 64 bit mode, or
  • Mac OS X Sierra v10.12 or later versions, running in 64 bit mode.

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