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“Top 10 nutrition habits for life”

Lake Superior Biathlon’s Daniel Guay recommends the following YouTube video on forming good habits for nutrition:



Easy-to-Make Stand holds BT-100 style air rifle target and paper

Air Rifle Paper Targets (These are PDFs to print on your ink-jet: DO NOT SCALE when printing/plotting!)

.22 Paper Targets in various formats – for range training and dry-firing
All pdfs for Ink-Jet Printers – (Red Ring: Standing, Green: Prone, Gold: Spectacular)

.22 Paper Targets large formats – for zeroing and precision testing
All pdfs designed to be printed on a plotter

Metal Targets

Training and other resources for athletes

Biathlon World – the IBU website + Webcasts of live & recorded Biathlon events
Shooting Page – Rifles/Targets/Information – Helpful Websites
Two presentations on Shooting by Shannon Carlton (Jan. 9, 2010)
1. Basic Shooting Skills: Positions (ppt) or in pdf form
2. Principles of Marksmanship (ppt) or in pdf form
(If you don’t have Power Point © get OpenOffice.Org – FREE “Office” software)
Biathlon Bears Updates and Downloads Page – excellent shooting & training material
Biathlon Canada Mountain Bike Biathlon Guidelines & Competition Rules
Biathlon Canada Roller-Ski/Blading Guidelines
Biathlon Canada Athlete Resource Page

Athlete development

Some Shooting links and documents of interest

Rifle makers and distributers


Metal Targets

Ski manufacturers and distributors


Quest for Gold - O.A.A.P Biathlon Canada IBU - International Biathlon Union