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Join Biathlon Ontario

In order to participate in Biathlon events you must be a current member of Biathlon Ontario and Biathlon Canada.

Registration Tips:

  1. You will be offered the list of clubs. Pick your home club. NOTE: The category “BiON Supporter” is for Biathlon Canada members who join as supporters and do not have a home club. If you are an athlete or club supporter, be sure to select your home club.
  2. When you pick your fee category, you must pick both a Biathlon Canada base category AND an Ontario category. Each has a fee attached. If you select only one your membership will not be valid.
  3. If you are a recreational athlete, select NO when you are asked if you will be competing this year.
  4. You will find your registration number on the credit card receipt (you MUST pay with a credit card) after you make your payment. This is is your Biathlon Ontario membership number. Please note that if multiple registrations are made under the same payment, they will all have the same registration number. To have different registration numbers for each individual you must make separate payments for each.
  5. The email address you enter during payment will receive a receipt from Zone4 System with your membership number. Please adjust your spam filter to permit email messages from “Zone4 System.”


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