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Highlands Trailblazers

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The Highlands Trailblazers operates out of Highlands Nordic in Duntroon, just minutes south of Collingwood. We have been recognized for our growth and contribution within the ski community.  

Our Biathlon programs offer long-term development for athletes participating in a precision and endurance sport. Athletes participating in Biathlon programs must be registered members of Biathlon Ontario for insurance purposes.

Our Biathlon Bears program is an introductory and development program for the sport of Biathlon. Athletes learn the combination of skate skiing and precision shooting using an air rifle. They work towards 3 levels of the Bears program - Black Bears (Novice), Grizzly Bear (Intermediate) and Polar Bear (Advanced).

The Saturdaisies program is a stepping stone between the Bears program and the Competition team. It is for young biathlon athletes who have completed at least one year of Biathlon Bears (Black Bears), Track Attack or Junior Devo Programs. These athletes will practice and compete using a daisy air rifle. These athletes compete at local and club races.

Our Competition Air Rifle program provides an opportunity for participants to further skiing and precision shooting skills using an s400 air rifle. Participants must have completed at least two levels of the Biathlon Bears program. These athletes compete at the O-Cup level.

Contact: Cory Lohnes at corylohnes.BiON@gmail.com

Website: highlandsnordic.ca/biathlon.cfm


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