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BIAB Version History

BIAB v8.3.4 – 13 February 2016

  • Fixed two issues in v8.3.3 that occurred if you tried to import data from a previous version of BIAB. The import didn’t work properly for Concurrent Events or for Entries in Competitions.
  • Fixed some issues that were causing difficulty in the selection of Entries to be included in Draws.
  • Added a feature that highlights a potentially incorrect choice made when using the Competitor Class selection tool when you are working in Enter Data > Participants. If the Participant is an "Athlete" and the Competitor Class that you choose does not match the Class that is suggested by BIAB (which is based upon age and gender), then the field/tool will change colour to highlight the discrepancy.
  • Added to the Competition File, on the Lists & Results scene, a button that will allow you to quickly create a back-up copy of the Competition file.
  • Added, for the Cadet Nationals, the ability for selected users to streamline the process of setting up Team competitions (Relays, Team Sprints and Patrols).
  • Added the ability to directly input BC Percentage Reference Times from a specially formatted MS Excel file. The capability is accessed from within a Competition File, at Lists & Results > Meteorological Data and then the 'BC Selection Percentages' popover.

BIAB v8.3.3 – 4 February 2016

  1. Fixed the processing of data from the Summit Network Primary Start Timer, so that the data is properly processed according to both of the possible settings for the Primary Bib Input Method.
  2. Made some changes to the text seen on the Summit Network Set-Up screen, and to some of the associated ‘Help’ notes, to further clarify the settings that are expected when using Secondary and Tertiary Timers for Start, Finish, Penalty Loop, Intermediate and the Handover Zone.
  3. Fixed an issue, that occurred if you had a hashtag “#” in the name of a Concurrent Event, that caused no Points to be shown on results for those Concurrent Events.  That issue also caused an error message, related to a find operation, to appear onscreen when it happened.
  4. Changed the process used within BIAB, when it is importing data from a previous version or a back-up file, so that it now imports the Summit Timer Network settings that you had made in the older version of BIAB.
  5. When using a network of Summit Timers you can now use up to 4 timers, with four different control teams, on the Penalty Loop.  If you have sufficient timers, this change will help you to manage the data and passage verifications when you are running, concurrently, both 100 metre and 150 metre Penalty Loops.  In effect you can now have 3 timers on each of the Penalty Loops.
  6. Changed the way that the “**Out of Class” annotation appears within BIAB.  It can now be totally suppressed, or visible only when in Enter Data > Participants, or visible on-screen in Enter Data > Participants and on both Start Lists and Results.
  7. Changed the size limits for starting grids of competitors for Mass Starts (and other competitions featuring a Simultaneous Start) so that the Grid Diagram will now show up to 60 rows of competitors (the previous limit was 30 rows).
  8. Added, for Cadet Organizations, the Team Sprint Competition to those Competitions that can be managed by BIAB.  Although a Team Sprint is a “Team” competition, you have the option of running it using either Relay Bibs or a normal Bib set, such as might be used for a Sprint competition.
  9. Added a new set of Points - Cadet Points - to those that can be selected and the used for Cadet Organization events.
  10. Changed, to reflect the newly released Cadet Rules (2016 Edition - Canadian Cadet Organization - Biathlon Championship Series), the titles used for Cadet age classes and for the names of competitions.  These rule changes bring Cadet Biathlon much closer to the Biathlon Canada and IBU Rules, providing more consistent competition environments.
  11. Added, for Cadet Organizations, the ability to aggregate Points Earned in up to four different series of Selection/Qualification Competitions.  This capability is supplementary to the existing capability for aggregating competition times from two selection competitions.
  12. Made changes to how BIAB imports data from previous versions of BIAB, should you elect to “not update” the relations between records.  These changes should help preclude the possibility that, under specific circumstances, you might experience errors when you subsequently try to add more records to a data table.
  13. Changed how BIAB stores the pre-set notes about Penalties and Adjustments that appear on Results.  The preset notes, which are editable by you, are now stored within the BIAB Main file rather than within the Competition File.  This means that any changes (customization and additional notes) that you have made to these notes will be available automatically for future competitions.  Furthermore, if you update BIAB to a new version and import the data from the older version, your customized notes will remain available.
  14. Did some visual clean-up and reorganization of options on the ‘Lists and Results’ screen that appears in the Competition File.
  15. Added an option, associated with the generation of Results, that allows you to choose to manually enter the Time that the last competitor finished, rather than having BIAB approximate that time using a calculation.  This Time of Last Finish appears on all Results, at the top of the page.
  16. Changed the settings that define the Selection List that you see when you ‘Enter’ a competitor in a competition.  You will now see, displayed in the selection list that appears when you activate the menu,  in addition to the competition name, the scheduled date and part of day for each competition.  This change means that you are now able to differentiate between two competitions of the same type - for example two Men Sprints - and enter the competitor in either or both of those competitions.
  17. Fixed an issue that appeared if you were using BIAB, with a 100% zoom factor and you attempted to cancel a Draw, that caused the warning dialog to be poorly placed on the screen, so that some of the information in it was difficult to read.
  18. Added to BIAB the option of calculating performance percentages according to the special formula used by Biathlon BC for its athlete selection processes.

BIAB v8.3.2 – 3 October 2015

  • Fixed an obscure issue that resulted in inappropriate and bizarre behaviour of BIAB if you attempted, under certain circumstances, to cancel a Draw for a Mass Start Competition.
  • Enhanced on-screen texts and Help describing aspects of the Draw process.

BIAB v8.3.1 – 17 September 2015

  • For Team Orienteering Competitions, when using electronically entered times and range data, the display order of the teams has been changed so that Teams are now shown in ascending Bib order when you Monitor Times and Monitor Range.
  • Fixed an issue that could arise for a Cadet Patrol or Team Orienteering competition. You can now add Teams after the Draw and generate results for the additional teams.
  • Reworked the way that BIAB creates notes/remarks that are used on Results. You can now add a separate note for each penalty and for each adjustment. The notes so created are displayed on the Results, in either French or English, according to the language that has been selected for Results. As the BIAB operator you must create the notes, but they are stored internally in BIAB and are then available to you, from pop-up menus, for repeated use.
  • Added, within the Competition File, a warning highlight that will appear in both the Athlete and Team Status Fields. as you are manually entering penalty related data. If a penalty remark has been selected that contains the text “DSQ” and the Status Field for that Athlete or Team has not had its Status set to “DSQ” then the relevant field will be highlighted in pink to alert you about the apparent data discrepancy.
  • Removed, from the Preferences page, all references to the Leaders’s Bibs, since these are no longer used in the North American Challenge Cup series of events.
  • Changed the way that BIAB deals with the installation of plug-ins. They are now stored internally to BIAB (within a data table) and are automatically installed as needed, if BIAB detects that they are missing or are out of date.
  • BIAB now uses, and takes advantage of the new features found within, Version 14 of FileMaker Pro. The new features include that ability for future releases, both for the Mac OS and Windows versions, of BIAB to run with the OS working in 64 bit mode. The ‘About BIAB’ dialog pop-up has an indicator to show whether BIAB is running in 32 bit or 64 bit mode. Note that v8.3.1 of BIAB still runs in 32 bit mode, but that will change in some future release of BIAB.

BIAB v8.3 – 12 June 2015

  • BIAB is now distributed with a copy of the BIAB Summit Network Simulator (BIAB SNS) included in the distribution package. This means you can choose to run BIAB, or you can choose to run the BIAB SNS on that particular computer with the existing installation. To run the Simulator, open BIAB and then open the Simulator in the same manner as you would a Competition File.
  • Added, to the Triathlon, the ability for you to define what sport/activity constitutes each of the legs of the competition. The names of these sports/activities are then reflected on the results, rather than having “Swim”, “Bike” and “Run” always shown.
  • The html and MS Excel formatted versions of e-Copies of Start Lists and Summary Results are now generated with the field content names shown in either English or French, according to the selected printing language setting.
  • Adjusted the results printouts for Triathlon competitions so that they now show tenths of a second precision in the reported times for each of the constituent sports/events.
  • Streamlined the process of generating a Bib Sorting List, so that there is less erratic activity appearing on screen as the list is being created.
  • BIAB will now allow you to deploy up to 15 Summit Timers to monitor and record Course activity. You can deploy timers on up to 5 trails, with a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Summit Timer on each trail. You enter the Start Number of each passing Competitor into the Summit Timer located at the Course Control Point. The entered data can be monitored in a new Monitor Course Tab in the Competition File. Those Competitors who ski on an incorrect trail are highlighted for further action.
  • “Draft Results” have been replaced by “Intermediate Results”. The Intermediate Results have been formatted so that those who have Finished with a Status of OK show at the top, followed by those who have Not Yet Finished (NYF) and then by those who have Not Yet Started (NYS) followed by those Competitors who are DNS, DNF, and DSQ.
  • Made slight modifications to the way that Jury Members are picked, designated and displayed, so that the terms “morning”, “afternoon” and “all day” are used, rather than “am”, “pm” and “am+pm”. Also changed the highlight of Competition Jury members on the Enter Data > Participants > Officials & Jury tab to make Jury appointments a bit more obvious.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred in Cadet Patrol Competitions in which, when using a Summit Network, there were repeated errors, and failures to automatically update the shooting results and finish times.
  • Updated the processing of Summit Network data for Cadet Patrol, Team Orienteering and Triathlon competitions so that any negative times that are recorded, as well as the assorted miscellaneous characters (non-numerical) that can be produced from the keypad of a Summit Timer, are now ‘trapped’. This means that the Summit Timer Network data for these particular types of competitions is now ‘trapped’ in the same way that they are for the other types of competitions. This trapping is done to reduce the possibility of errors in attempting to process negative times or other data that is impossible to interpret.
  • Made a number of minor, mostly cosmetic changes, including to the Final Results Cover Page, to improve the display of Help data when you scroll Help scree text, to streamline the recording of personal notes associated with the Help system, and to the windows in which you can record Notes related to any perceived data discrepancies when you are monitoring the data received from a Summit Timer network.

BIAB v8.2.4 – 25 February 2015

  • For users of a Network of Summit Timers, the way that the timers are polled has been changed.  You now set a fixed time interval between polling cycles as the Polling Session Interval.  This means you can now take advantage of a user-defined fixed period of time of no polling activity during which you can perform other tasks, such as verifying data.  In previous versions of BIAB you specified the time interval between the start of each successive polling cycle.  The time between polling cycles was therefore variable, depending upon the size of the network as well as the amount of data being processed. This could, and did, lead to issues when using a slow computer or accessing a very large network of timers with lots of data to download.  The polling should now self-adjust for the speed differences between different computers and different networks.
  • Added a feature, when using Summit Timers, to ‘trap’ any negative (minus) times.  Such times can appear if you set the Summit Network to count down to zero time (00:00:00) and then count up as Race Time.  A negative time received by BIAB under those circumstances could have (and did have) adverse effects upon other data handling processes.
  • Introduced, into the processing of data received from Summit Timers, the ‘trapping’ of “-“, “*” and “.” characters, since they can be input through the keypad on a Summit Timer.
  • Removed from BIAB the option of using the old double pole Simultaneous Start, within Relay, Mass Start and Super Sprint Final Competitions.  BIAB now only offers you the new three lane skating Start, as defined in the 2014 IBU Rules.  The printed reports showing the start position assignment of bib numbers have been updated with larger type to make them more usable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the option of forcing a new order-of-start for the Relay to fail under certain circumstances.
  • Made minor changes to the readability of the reports which showed the aggregation of Canada Winter Games points.
  • When using a Summit Timer Network, BIAB will now allow you to resume polling a network from where you previously left off.  In previous versions it would attempt to re-download all the records that existed in the network’s timers, which ofter resulted in the same record having been downloaded more than once.  This ability to resume polling is the new default action, regardless of whether you close and then re-open the Serial Port, or whether you close and then re-open a Competition File.
  • Updated a number of Help screens to try to enhance their clarity.  In particular a number of screens associated with Jury appointments were updated.
  • On the tab Enter Data > Participants > Officials & Jury, changed the highlight colour for Competition Jury entries from red to green, so that the highlight is not mis-interpreted as an indication of an error in the entry that you made.
  • For those using a Summit Timer Network, added, in the Competition File and accessible from the window in which you monitor the polling of the Network, a reposition-able window showing the approximate Race Time.  It shows the elapsed time since the Timers were electronically set to the Race Time or to the Time of Day.
  • For those using a Summit Timer Network, added on the tab used to Monitor the Range and Penalty Loop Timers, the ability to change the sort order of records within the portal that appears there, to facilitate monitoring the flow of data from the Range.  The sort options make it easier to monitor data during a Relay Competition.
  • Added, to the final screen seen before a Draw is effected, a display of the current Time-of-First-Start so that it can be confirmed, and amended as needed, just before the Draw takes place.
  • Introduced two options that you can use when you import data from a previous version of BIAB.  One (the only one previously in place) imports the data and then performs housekeeping activity on the databases to compress them and make them more efficient.  The other (the new option) imports the data but does not perform the housekeeping functions.  Using the latter option ensures the continued usability of a Competition File that you created before you changed versions and imported the data - you want to choose this option if you change to a later version of BIAB during an Event.  You use the first option (with housekeeping) if you change to a later version between Events and are not worried about maintaining compatibility with an already-created competition file.
  • For those using a Summit Timer Network, added in the Competition File, a feature which highlights the data entry row of a particular Competitor should there be any unresolved-but-flagged-for-further-investigation questions about data discrepancies associated with that Competitor.

BIAB v 8.2.3 – 26 January 2015 (not a public release)

  • Added a new feature when using a Network of Summit Timers.  Provided that you elect to POST the Bib Numbers as competitors cross the Finish Line, you can also use the same Summit Timer to ENTER into BIAB the manually-recorded sequence of finish of the Competitors. You can perform this Entry after the last finish, or in breaks in the action while the competition is still underway, and while you are posting bibs.  The order-of-finish list that this generates becomes readily available for use by the BIAB operator to help confirm the finish results data.
  • Made some minor changes to the sequence of processing data from Summit Timers to make the process slightly more efficient.  At the same time I fixed an error that occurred if times and bib numbers were being recorded using two separate Summit Timers for finish times and order of finish.
  • Added to BIAB the ability to associate separate Results Points Sets (e.g. World Cup Points, Nations Cup Points, etc) with each Concurrent Event.  This means that you can have different (or no Points) allocated to, and appear automatically on the Results for, different Concurrent Events.
  • Added to BIAB the ability to create simple Membership Cards - to be used to prove Divisional or Club membership - and to create Accreditation Cards that can be issued to officials, competitors and coaches or visitors to limit access to certain areas of the stadium and venue.  This was added with a new Tab at Preferences > Set-Up > Accreditation and Membership.
  • Revised the main registration Report to remove the date of birth of each registrant.  The report now shows the class in which Athletes are registered, and whether it is the normal class for that age or is “out of class”.
  • Fixed an issue in which Concurrent Summary Results were not being properly re-calculated when one switched from one Concurrent Event to the next.  The issue was confined to Summary Results, and did not affect results for a single class of competitor.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs and updated/corrected several of the Help texts.

BIAB v 8.2.2 – 14 December 2014

  • Added, at Preferences > Results Points, a new set of points, which is the IBU World Cup Mass Start points list.  Gone now are the here-to-fore empty columns for Cadet Points since the Cadets have not introduced a points based aggregation systems
    Corrected, within competition files, an issue that caused some error messages when trying to access more than one Summit Timer that was assigned to a Secondary or Tertiary Range data role.
  • Added to the Competition File, at Lists and Results, the ability to produce transfer files for results that are compatible with the Canada Winter Game GEMS.pro system.
  • Added to the Competition File, when you are producing Start Lists for Competitions that feature the three-corridor simultaneous start area (introduced in the IBU’s 2014 Rules), the automatic generation of Start Board Lists that you can post at the foot of the Simultaneous Start Area.
  • Fixed, for Competitions that feature the new IBU Rules for the simultaneous start area, an issue of incorrect formatting of the Start Lane Assignment Sheet.
  • Fixed a minor issue that appeared in a competition file when using a Summit Network, in which the competitor’s records could appear in an unsorted order if the Draw that produced that competition file was performed using the option to Display the Draw.
  • Made some adjustments to the user interface you see when you attempt to manually input data when monitoring a Summit Network.  It is now easier to tab between the fields into which you can manually enter data on those screens, as well as easier to filter data, thereby restricting the view to data associated with the single Start Number.
  • Fixed the issue in which the single class results for a Relay competition did not have an appropriate title at the top of the page.

BIAB v 8.2.1 – 12 November 2014

  • Added, at Preferences > Set-Up > Parameters Governing Results, the ability for you to control whether or not competitors who are competing out of their normal class are so annotated on Start Lists and Results.
  • Fixed the issue in which Sr Boys or Sr Girls in their last year of competitor class eligibility, who, under the new Biathlon Canada rules, elected to compete as Youth Men or Youth Women, were erroneously annotated as ‘** Out of Class’ in Start Lists and Results.
  • Made BIAB compliant with the IBU’s new starting grid layout for those competitions that feature a Simultaneous Start (the Relays, Mass Starts, Sprints with Group Start and SuperSprint Finals)   Now you can choose to use either the old double-poling starting grid  or the newly approved skating start.  You make your choice at Preferences > Set-Up > Parameters Governing Results.
  • Added the ability to use BIAB to conduct and produce results for a Triathlon Competition, using a network of Summit Timers for the data acquisition.
  • Updated a number of help screens associated with using Summit Timers for data input in a Cadet Patrol competition.
  • Fixed problems that occurred when you attempted to create electronic versions of results when either of the .csv or the .tab file format options had been selected.
  • Fixed the issue, that was associated with using the “Computer As a Timer”, in which the first time that was recorded was incorrect by 12 hours.  This error only occurred with the first recorded time, but has now been eliminated.
  • Fixed a fault in which, under a certain set of circumstances, PDF versions of Start Lists would not be posted to the sponsored Results web site.
  • Removed the feature, previously used only for North American Cup series competitions, that allowed assigning a specifically Coloured Leader’s Bib to a competitor which would signify that that competitor was the class leader in the overall series.  This feature was removed since, starting in 2014/2015, there are no longer any Leader’s Bibs associated with the Canadian/US North American Cup series of competitions.
  • Improved the descriptive text that you see when you click on the “Import Participants from BIAB-Formatted Spreadsheet” button on Preferences > Import Data.

BIAB v 8.2.0 – 10 October 2014

This is a significant release of BIAB.

  • The “Scripts” Menu is no longer used in BIAB.  All the functions that were formerly activated from the “Scripts” Menus are now accessible by clicking on buttons on the pages/tabs within BIAB Main and in the Competition File.  In BIAB Main, most of those buttons are on a new tab, Preferences > Import Data.  In the Competition File, most of the buttons are on the Results & Lists tab.  The functions formerly executed from the Scripts Menus are now much more visible to you as you visit the various tabs to enter data and use BIAB to manage your competitions.
  • Changed the way that BIAB will upload results to the Web.  It now, as a default, uploads a .html version, with an associated Results Index Table, directly to the Web site that is jointly sponsored by Biathlon Canada and Biathlon Ontario.  It offers you, as part of the upload process, the option to also post a .pdf version of the same results.  The default upload happens with one button click.  If you want .pdf results you have to participate interactively in their creation (as you always did), but their subsequent upload, together with the .html version of the results, is automatic.  The results are then instantly viewable over the Web.  While Results are being posted data is also copied to a performance data aggregation file, so that a consistent archive of data can be maintained by Biathlon Canada.
  • Added the capability to have BIAB post a .html and an optional .pdf version of the Start List directly to the same Web site that is jointly sponsored by Biathlon Canada and Biathlon Ontario for results, at the click of one button.  Once again, if you want a .pdf version of the Start List you will need participate interactively in its creation.  The Start List is then instantly viewable over the Web using the same URL as used to view results.
    Added the ability for BIAB to generate e-Copies of all the Start Lists that it produces.  This means that both Start Lists and Summaries of Results can be uploaded easily by you to other web sites or sent to others for viewing or posting.  The e-Copies are available in .csv, .tab, .xlxs and .html formats.
  • Added the ability to suppress the printing of Performance Percentages and of Points on all Results.  These features are respectively accessible from the Preferences > Results Points tab and the Preferences > Set-Up > Parameters Governing Results tab.  In addition, the printing of Points can be suppressed from the Competition File at Lists & Results > Prepare & Print.
  • Added the ability to show the flags for each Team/Division on both Start Lists and Results.  You are able, on the Preferences > Set-Up > Parameters Governing Results tab, to select whether or not you want the flags to appear on these documents.
    Revised, in the Competition File, the way that BIAB solicits and uses descriptive statements for any Penalties that are awarded.  You now have more control over the content of the Penalty descriptions.
  • Updated BIAB to support/accommodate the Competitor Class and Competition specification changes introduced in the 2014 - 2015 Canadian Hosting Policy, issued by Biathlon Canada. The changes affect the Youth Men/Women, Senior Boys/Girls and all the Masters categories.  In addition, there are changes in the specifications for the Biathlon Canada versions of Pursuit Competitions with respect to the status of Entries by those Competitors who did not successfully complete the Qualifying Competitions.
  • Enhanced the way that BIAB completes the Draw process for Pursuit Competitions.  It now verifies that the Competitor competed in the correct Class in the Qualifying Competition in order to be a fully qualified Entry in the Pursuit Competition.
  • Simplified and updated all the requirements for the transfer of Registration Data from the Zone4 On-Line Registration System.  This process now takes full advantage of Zone4’s web-browser-based setup tools, and gives you consistent interpretation of data that you can download from the Registration system.  The requirement for data has been reduced to the minimum – the identity of the Registrant by Name, Role, Competitor Class, Gender, Birthdate and associated Club.  After downloading the data, BIAB will then enter a Competitor in all the Competitions that have been defined for that identified Class.  In addition, if you have a valid Club identification, BIAB will enter that Competitor in all the Concurrent Events that have been identified for members of that Club.  A shared Zone4 Template, entitled “BIAB Event Registration Template”, is available through the Zone4 Registration System, and is listed near the top of all the “shared” files.  It contains BIAB’s minimum requirement for data and includes a pre-formatted report, using the .CSV report variant, that is the vehicle for downloading the data.  You can build upon this Template to make the best use of On-Line Registration for your Event.
    Removed the ability to use the Summit DLL to acquire data from Summit Timers.  All users appear to be using BIAB’s Custom Polling, so that the continued presence/usability of the DLL would add nothing other than possible confusion for the novice user.
    Added, largely at the request of the Cadets, the basic ability to create, manage and produce results for a Team Orienteering competition.  A Summit Timer network can be used to help input competition data for a Team Orienteering competition.
  • Change the way that BIAB handles Cadet Patrol competitions.  Patrol Competitions now use a user interface similar to those used for any other competition, and can take advantage of a Summit Timer network for the input of basic competition data.
  • Added, at the Preferences > Import Data tab, the ability do download over the Internet Biathlon Canada registration information about all its currently registered Clubs.
  • Added, at the Preferences > Import Data tab, the ability to import, into the Clubs/Divisions database, the names and details of all the Divisions of Biathlon Canada.  This will save a bit of typing if you running a Biathlon Canada sanctioned event.
  • Added a new report, under Prepare for Draw > Confirm Data > Other Data Reports, that produces a listing of contact details for the key officials appointments at an Event.  You can dis


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