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On-Line Registration with Zone4

Biathlon-in-a-Box has been designed to work in conjunction with Zone4 and its On-Line Registration Web site.

  • You use the tools provided by Zone4, aided by a Zone4 Template that is designed to facilitate the transfer of registration data to BIAB, to create your registration website.
  • At any time after you have some registrants, you can download the registration data to your computer using a pre-formatted report that is contained within Zone4’s BIAB Event Registration Template
  • After there is registration data on the Zone4 website you download it in a report file, you copy that file into the BIAB directory on your computer and you simply click on a button in BIAB.  This action imports the names of all the Competitors and other registrants, and automatically enters Athletes in the competitions that you are running for their age and gender groups.  Optionally the process will also enter them in any Concurrent Events that have been established for their Club/Division.

The use of the Zone4 On-Line Registration service with BIAB is described in the PDF document User Notes – BIAB and the Zone4 On-Line Registration System, which you are free to download. 


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